Friday, October 3, 2008

A Weekend in Kobenhavn.

Our second weekend in London, Andrew and I decided to visit Tania, Heather, Masha, and Sarah in Copenhagen. We had the flight booked on EasyJet, which is always late. We rolled up to the airport unnecessarily early because that's how we do it, and once the flight attendant started the flight off with a 15-minute lecture in began. With dinner skipped, we were anxiously awaiting the outrageously overpriced snack cart to make its way to us. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of the plane...and one cart started in the front, and the other in the back. You can see how this goes of course, we were the very last to eat. But our dinner of shortbread cookies and juice was a tasty one. Once we arrived, we also had a fun time figuring out how to buy the correct Metro tickets. We bought one that was for 2 stops for 20 kroner at one ticket station. We walked toward the Metro station and noticed a different ticket machine. Uh-oh, we bought train tickets instead of Metro. (The approximate exchange rate is 1 dollar:5 kroner). We must have looked especially confused, because out of thin air a worker asked us if we needed help. I said "Ok! We have THIS" (showing the ticket) "and we want to get HERE" (points to Islands Brygge on the map). He said, ok, that ticket works too, so buy two more 20 kroner tickets and split one between you. It's an interesting system, really, splitting tickets. Also, you would think that Islands Brygge sounds a bit like the English word for Islands Bridge or something, but nope... it's more of a "Ees-len Broog." Giggling because we feel so uneducated and uncultured, we make it to the station (after successfully switching lines once).

Tania was going to meet us at the station, but we were so confused and giggly that once we didn't see her right away, we decided to walk towards the campus just to see if we meet her on the way. Half an hour later, of wandering around 11pm cold Copenhagen, we finally ask someone for help. For your general knowledge, asking someone if they can speak English in Copenhagen is an insult. Of course they can speak English, they're not stupid morons like us Americans. Also asking if they know one American student out of thousands is kind of dumb. We decided just to wander back to the station, and she was there!

On our first full day in the city we decided to do a round of all the food places Heather recommended to us. We first hit up La Glace, which is famous for its hot chocolate. It tasted like pure melted milk chocolate (made with whole milk) with heavy cream on top. Andrew and I split a pastry that looked light but was heavy like shortbread and covered with sugary glaze. MMmmMmmMmm. It felt like a full day's worth of calories, but very very tasty calories. It could have been very amusing watching us trying to sort out the coins.

We walked around and looked at all of the H&Ms, Burberrys, and other brand name stores. Then we decided to stop for lunch at another famous bakery. We split two chocolatey, sugar glazy pastries. That was also delicious. Every time we ate we sat next to some body of water. There are many rivers that flow their way into the city. The population of jelly fish in the river is also surprisingly high! It's swimming (floating) next to the duck.
We also got Danish ice cream to finish off the day (of course). That evening, a few of Tania's multinational friends decided to get together and cook. There was one girl from Germany, France, 2 from Australia, one from somewhere else, and Tania, me, and finally, Freddo. I felt so sophisticated cooking a meal in the later evening and having intelligent conversation. It was also particularly relaxing. Also, most of the other countries of the world want Obama to be elected. I sure hope he is, or else our foreign relationships are going to suffer tremendously. However, the way we discussed politics was very open and we all learned a bit about each other's culture and country. We had lasagna (mmmm) and finished off with chocolate cake and tea. This was probably my favorite evening abroad. For a few more hours we stayed and talked; I didn't even get bored at the quiet parts, probably because I <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
The following day (Saturday) we went to Hamlet's castle, from Shakespeare's play. It's in Helsinorg, or in Hamlet, "Elsinore". We had a picnic of smoked salmon on wheat bread, yogurt, fruit and chocolate right inside the moat on the lawn with a great view of the castle. We went inside the castle to see the Casemates, Royal Chambers, and Chapel. I saw this beautiful chest of drawers that had amazing intricacy. Probably my favorite part of the castle was the 4 km distance between Denmark and Sweden, so I was able to see Sweden! I had fun galloping along the paths and looking at the ancient anchors. I also learned about the tension between Denmark and Sweden.

Overall, I had an AWESOME weekend in Copenhagen! Thanks Tania + others! :)

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