Saturday, July 21, 2012

A week (or so) in Costa Rica!

So in the middle of July my family and I decided to take a trip to the amazing, tropical, Costa Rica. There were 11 of us in total - Ben, myself, Crystal, Manasa, the parents, an aunt, an uncle, and three cousins. First of all, Ben wouldn't let me get away with writing this post without saying that we saw RAY ALLEN on our layover in Miami. Now, I would have a picture to post of this, but according to him I was "sleep walking" and didn't have my camera or phone ready. And Ray-Ray was hangin' out with his family in the airport, on to his new assignment as part of the Heat, so I didn't want to be snapping pictures right and left of him. No one wants that, come now.

Right, Costa Rica! We got to the first hotel in San Jose, napped for a little until Crystal and Manasa joined us. Then we got FREE drinks at happy hour (that's right - free!),

it was such a welcome relief to our stressful (and expensive) traveling. Then for dinner, we decided that we would go into "downtown" San Jose, and took the advice from the hotel staff to go to a local place about 10 minutes away by taxi. I'm going to diverge for a second here and note that they suggested for a meal that we go to the nearby Denny's like 5 times!! For breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Apparently, they love their Denny's in Costa Rica, and it was the only open restaurant in walking distance. But I'm sorry, we were in Costa Rica, and were not going to eat Denny's for all three meals. So we got a cab, the driver of which did not speak english, and we were trying to be polite since we were in his country - so I directed him with my very rusty Spanish, and he gave us his cell number and told us to call him when we were done, and we would just pay him on the way back. How trusting, right!? We ordered the meal in equally rusty spanish - rice with squid, fish and shrimp ceviche, Ben ordered a pork rice dish, and some other things I can't remember. The food was amazing! And it was clearly where all the locals go. We paid only $22 or something like that for the meal, and somehow communicated to the waitress that we needed to call the cab, and made our way back to the hotel.

The next day we met the padres and the rest of the fam at (guess what?) Denny's for the free breakfast affiliated with the hotel. We regaled each other with traveling stories (complications, NBA player sightings and the like). Then we got in our amazing vehicle, and started the 4 hour drive to Guanacaste.

When we arrived at the Riu, we were astounded at how beautiful it was.@ My very excited cousin Steffy said that she "wanted to live here forever" and that it "looked like a palace", all of which I agreed with.

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