Sunday, September 9, 2012

Avocado tree from seed

I've been getting a CSA box every two weeks, and back in April I got a few avocados and decided to grow them. We began with four avocado seeds total - I washed the seed and stuck three toothpicks in the side. The toothpicks help to suspend half of the seed over a water glass, and I put the glass in a warm place (next to the heater). I changed the water every few days to avoid growing mold, and after a few weeks (it seemed like forever!) the seed cracked and a root popped out of the bottom and after a few weeks coiled up. Finally (with again, what seemed like forever), a stem popped out of the top, and it grew leaves!

 At this point, I had two avocado "trees". After a few leaves had sprouted, I planted the avocado seed in a pot and moved it outside.
And then... disaster struck. In the form of a small unnamed animal. A squirrel? A crow? I don't know, but something ate one ENTIRE avocado plant. I came home to this:


Anyway, now it's September and my one surviving avocado tree is still kicking. He's getting some new leaves, but as usual, is growing slowly.

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Benjamin Leipzig said...

So sad that the surviving avocado tree lost its best friend :( :(