Monday, September 17, 2012

A Crockpot and Blackberries

I've wanted to get a crockpot for maybe 2 years, but I just couldn't convince myself that it was worth the storage space and cost. We also don't eat much red meat, and I kept hearing that it might go unused if you don't. Anyway, with much convincing (thanks Sophia and Ben) we got one! When deciding which model to buy, I kept hearing my mom's voice in the back of my head "you should definitely get one of those programmable crock pots so it'll turn off on its own!" It makes sense practically, some days we're at work for 12 or 13 hours. Here it is!!!!
Shiny new toy!

I was so excited!!!! I've only had it for like 9 days and I think I've used it 5 times. I picked up some pork loin at the grocery store and wasn't sure what to do with it. I decided on this recipe because I also had some blackberries (picked by my friend Mike right here in Washington).

Step one: open a bottle of wine. Actually, let's rewind, step zero: convince attractive man to open a bottle of wine for you.

After drinking some of the wine (which was very tasty), I decided we could go back to cooking. I put the pork loin and fresh garlic, salt & pepper, and fresh herbs in the crockpot; I'm a bit ashamed that I didn't sear it first (for flavor, not moisture - don't get me started), but I didn't want to wash another dish :D. I covered the pork with blackberries instead of blackberry jam and red wine, and added honey.

Then turned on the crockpot and decided to use the fancy little temperature probe, and walked off to do other things! Later I made a red wine - blackberry reduction and some fresh brussel sprouts (and green beans because the earlier mentioned attractive man didn't like them...) I also made some whole grain dinner rolls with parmesan herb topping, nom noms. It was a quick and easy semi-fancy meal.


Benjamin Leipzig said...

IT was so yummy :)

Lainiepoohead said...

Hehe you make that attractive man sound so picky. =P

Looks delicious!

Sophia said...

You made this all after you got home from work?? You amaze me!! O_O

Carolyn Valdez said...

Haha oh no Sophia, this was on a weekend! But I do use the crockpot on weekdays, just for less elaborate things!