Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Patch with Sibbykin

Happy Halloween! Ben and I just got back from walking around to see the trick-or-treaters make the rounds in our neighborhood. Unfortunately we didn't get any at our place :( ; maybe next year. In honor of this pumpkiny holiday, I decided it was time to post about the trip to the pumpkin patch. Crystal and Manasa decided to visit us a few weeks ago (YAY). We got an awesome Livingsocial deal for Bailey Vegetables, a small local farm that has a pumpkin patch in the farming section in Seattle, about a twenty minute drive from where we live. It included entrance to the play barn (ha), a tractor ride to the corn maze, entrance to the corn maze, a bag of kettle corn, and ... a pumpkin! I've never been to a pumpkin patch, so I was really excited for the experience.

After leaving the city behind, we came upon this beautiful section of farmland surrounded by pumpkins on fences and sprawling pumpkin patches.

We got our kettle corn as we walked up, and took the tractor to the corn maze to find our way through. I do have to point out that we were given a map, but we were determined not to use the map unless we absolutely needed it.

(Ben having fun with the huge tires) and (smiling faces on the tractor)

Because it was awesome on the tractor, here are some more adorable pictures. Look at that corn maze!

We wandered around the corn maze for a while, taking turns leading. For the record, I am HORRIBLE  at remembering which way we went. Maybe because it actually wasn't necessary to remember, but really I just get distracted. Anyway, that makes it more fun! After we navigated successfully through the maze, we got to play some wiffle ball at the ball field in the center. We were awesome! Until Manasa accidentally hit Crystal with a ball when she pitched to him - he really had a hard time living that one down! Hahahaha. Ok, sorry guys, but it was hilarious. After a break in the stands made up of hay bails, we ate some kettle corn and went to pick out pumpkins.

While we were searching through the pumpkins, I discovered something about pumpkins. I'll share it with you now, so you're prepared if you ever go. Pumpkin stems are SPIKY! Like cactus! I got invisible little spikies in my fingers, gah! It was such a fail, but worth it. I got a "sugar pumpkin" for making pies, and Ben picked out a pretty carving pumpkin. We also saw a variety of gourds, and something called a Cinderella pumpkin. They were bright red and so pretty. After collecting our harvest in a wheelbarrow, Ben took them to the front to give them their first bath! So cute.

I'll update later on what became of these beauties. Happy Halloween!

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