Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas baking

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I've been a little busy over the break so I haven't had time to blog, but I've been storing up some good pictures and stories so I can do it later. This time I'll focus on seeing my best friend (since 6th grade-ish) Jennifer and her husband Rene. Since they live in Switzerland and only come to California once every two years or so, when we were both home for Christmas I decided it would make the most sense for me to go visit them and Jennifer's family so as not to pull them away too much. I was asked to bring dessert to my family's Christmas Eve dinner, and after searching Pinterest for ideas, I found this idea on tipjunkie:

Smore pops! Aren't they so cute?! Anyway, I took all the ingredients over to Jennifer's house and took some allergy medication (cats and dogs, allergies are really inconvenient). We put on adorable Christmas aprons and had fun watching the boys drink too much beer and watch Christmas Vacation.

Chocolate and marshmallows placed ever so carefully, ready to go in the oven to be melted.

We neatly placed the marshmallows and chocolate on the graham crackers. One of us had some issues snapping the crackers neatly, so we thought it'd be funny to see the finished products side by side. Turns out, you can't tell how prettily you do it! We completed the look with Christmas sprinkles in red, green, and a mix. We were a little sad that in our catching up, we let them bake a little too long and the top tray of crackers came out a little extra-crispy. It actually modeled closely the smokiness of campfires (at least that's what I tell myself).We melted some Baker's chocolate (I've never used it before, and it was actually tasty and easy - I'd definitely do it again) and dipped one end of each completed smore. 

Green and multicolor Christmas sprinkles.
The top tray came out a little too browned for my taste, whoops!
Putting these adorable treats together wasn't as easy as it looked. Despite melting the marshmallows and the chocolate, they didn't stick together well at all. I assume that's why in the original recipe for the smore pops they decided they needed to coat them with something. Coating these completely in chocolate would have been less pretty and perhaps overwhelming in chocolate, but once they set (put them in the freezer) they were perfect. But I do have a confession - I don't actually like sprinkles! (*gasp*, I know I know). They're just too crunchy and sugary for me, even when I was little they weren't my favorite. But these smores were delicious and the sprinkles made them look cute! Unfortunately they didn't keep well past a day or two, with the moisture from the chocolate and the marshmallows, the graham crackers started to get soggy. Besides that, I just have some adorable pictures of Jennifer and me baking. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!
Friends for 10+ years.
Baking: my natural state.
So good to see you again Jennifer! You could never tell that we're separated by 9 time zones.


Benjamin Leipzig said...

I no get any smore pops :(

But they sure look tasty

Edie said...

ahh you guys are so adorable!!! :) the little smores were so tasty :p