Friday, March 15, 2013

Trip to California : Gordon Research Conference and Home

A few weeks ago I went to Ventura, California for a Gordon Conference on Nanomaterials. I was a bit apprehensive, given that I didn't know anyone that was going. The talks were (mostly) really interesting, and I had a few great conversations at my poster. But the best part - afternoon breaks! You have ~2 hours to do whatever you like between lunch and the drinking/poster session at 4. Mostly I played beach volleyball or ran on the beach, enjoying the sunshine before going back to the rain (and greenery) in Seattle. A few highlights:
Sunshine and beach volleyball
Have to put my toes in the ocean (even though there's NO way I'll go swimm

On the final day, friends that I had made and I rented this adorable multiple-person bikes and went to the pier. Some of us thought it was a good idea to climb on the outside while it was rolling...

Being mature adult scientists, we wanted to test how many people could fit on one bike.

After the conference ended, my mom picked us up and we spent the afternoon buying fruit from stands in Filmore, and we stopped by Bennett's honey farm. Of course I needed to taste all of the honey (they had 8 different flavors and recommended that you taste them), so the sugar rush that followed was exciting.

At home, my mom mentioned in passing that she was craving cranberry orange scones. You know what that means - of course I have to make them! I also wanted to make something special for Sunday morning breakfast before leaving, so I made whole wheat challah french toast. See assorted pictures below:

Challah french toast with cranberries, after rising the first time.

After the braiding, before rising.
Cranberry/orange scones. My dad helped to put half of them together - good job Papi! Recipe from somewhere..

Finally, we decided to visit a park (I forget what it's called) to walk Optimus Prime (my sister's chihuahua). It was COLD, but there were really interesting birds by the lake. See adorable puppy pictures below:

My mom watching as Optimus decides to investigate the geese.

Manasa and Optimus. Great idea Optimus, confront the bird that weighs 10 times as much as you do.


Benjamin Leipzig said...

Aww such a fun week but so lonely without you.


Edie said...

Oh the park is called Apollo Park in Lancaster!

Super adorable pics!

Vicki Valdez said...

It was great to see you and the scones were yummy.