Friday, April 5, 2013

Dinosaur Egg Easter

If you don't know this about me already, I love dinosaurs. I mean really really love dinosaurs. When I was a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist, later sobered up and wanted to be an anthropologist, and finally a chemist. I guess I like "ist" professions? Anyway, I've wanted to throw a dinosaur party for quite a while, and Sophia suggested a "dinosaur egg" easter party. How perfect is that!?

In preparation, what did I do? Buy 72 adorable mini dinosaurs to put in Easter eggs. And make a banner out of dinosaur-themed font.

 To go along with the theme, I went a little over the top and made a dino-cheese ball and a dino-veggie monster. First I made the center with cheddar and cream cheese and parsley from my herb garden. I added pepper, paprika, minced onion, (probably other spices too), and veggie bouillon as the salt. Sliced almonds made up the armor. Later I attached on legs made out of chevre, and spikes made from dill havarti. Finished with crackers and almond pieces for eyes.

Cheese dinosaur body
Cheese dino ready to be eaten!

Unfortunately, this did NOT get finished by my friends at the party. Too many snacks I guess. I've been eating cheese ball for days, good thing it's delicious. Speaking of help, Sophia made delicious deviled eggs, with colored cracks that made them look like dinosaur eggs. There's also pictures of the veggie dino and other treats below.

Beautiful dinosaur eggs - made by Sophia
Broccoli from the garden, cucumber dino, homemade yogurt dip
So many goodies and friends to share them with. Can you tell which one is me?

 We also had a dino egg hunt. Here's a photo of Ben looking for them. Guess who won the egg hunt? I DID! I point this out so blatantly because usually my friends tease that I'm a horrible "finder" and misplace my phone a little too often. Maybe it's because I'm used to looking for things that I can find them so well?

 We ended the night on a classy note, with a highly fun and inappropriate game. It's better with a diverse group of people you're very comfortable with. It's like apples to apples for adults.

I hope everyone near and far had a wonderful Easter/Passover holiday!


Sophia said...

I'm still so impressed with the cheese and veggie dinosaurs. Thanks again for hosting! Easter is now one of my favorite holidays because of the egg hunt!! hahaha

Edie said...

Awesome, you guys rock! All the details were super adorable :)

Benjamin Leipzig said...

Fun fun time playing games and having a good time with everyone.

:) you were a much better finder than me

Vicki Valdez said...

I love all the little dinosaurs and you young ladies put out a yummy looking spread of goodies.