Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! This holiday (and Father's Day) always makes me miss my parents and all of my family in California. I thought that to celebrate from far away I'd do a mother's day special and feature some of the awesome things about my mom (and others).

My mom: Vicki

My mom and I are very different - she really likes consistency and routine and I love change and trying new things. Her stick-to-the routine was perfect when we were kids, as she somehow managed to work and raise both my sister and me. She always made sure we got where we needed to go and were prepared. Although she has an adorably dry sense of humor, she doesn't laugh very much when I get on my high horse and criticize (sorry! criticism just comes so easily to me...). My hippie and green-food eating lifestyle freaks her out sometimes, but she likes to call me and point out when she's tried something new and that I'd be proud of her. I think she projects a tough exterior, but on the inside she's sweet and tender and wants everyone to be happy. Random story: I was having a rough time one quarter in college, and was so overwhelmed that I couldn't keep up with eating and laundry. I called and sobbed that I didn't have any clothes to wear and no time for anything, and she immediately drove an hour and a half to Pasadena to help me catch up. So thank you, mama, for being a wonderful mom and giving so much to raise us.

Ben's mom: Nancy (Guest post written by Ben)

My mom Nancy was one of the best moms a child could ask for. She taught me to be humble and enjoy everything that life has to offer. I could always count on her to be at my sporting events or band concerts and she made sure that my sister and I were her number 1 priorities. She was always proud of my accomplishments even if I didn't think they were significant. She is loving and open and has the qualities that I hope to attain as an adult. Happy Mothers Day.  Ben

My mom's mom (maternal grandmother): Ena

I couldn't find a digital picture of her, but I have many vivid memories of my grandma. When we were younger, she taught me how to bake, crochet, and other house-ly things, but she was also really smart. She taught us multiplication, made sure we knew history, and was an avid Jeopardy watcher. At family parties (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) we would play board games, and everyone wanted to be on her team because somehow she knew everything. I'm told that she had a fiery personality, but she was always so sweet and kind to me (although my mom tells me that she was often frustrated by my spaciness...I could be overly focused as a child, ha!). She's also the reason that I stand up straight (sometimes!), and was the talented seamstress behind many of our dance events. I'm almost crying just remembering her, and I miss her very much. I think she'd be proud of us, and in many ways she shaped me, my sister, and my family to be who we are today.

My dad's mom (paternal grandmother): Elvira

I stole this picture from my aunt's facebook (sorry!). My abuelita was such a caring woman, and we all miss her very much. Somehow she managed to raise 7 (that's right, 7!) children along with many grandchildren. She moved to the US alone, with 5 kids at the time, and although she and I never talked about it, it demonstrates how exceptionally strong she was. Even when she was tired or it was late, she was always ready to sit you down in her kitchen and feed you, and they were amazing meals. She lives on through all of the stories and memories that my dad's side shares about her, and all of the people that remember.

My great aunt (mom's aunt): Pat

My aunt Pat was always there to support us growing up and is now living in Washington (it's more beautiful than California, isn't it?!). My mom tells me that she used to "borrow" her and her siblings from my grandmother until she got so annoyed that she sent them back (I bet that didn't take very long with those kids, ha!). She's probably the most independent woman I know, and I admire her for all of her passion and talents; from her dogs and deadliest catch to growing irises and craft-making. She knows how to have fun, and isn't afraid to take up belly dancing or to dye her hair pink. I can only hope to be that adventurous one day! She was always there through my childhood, and I'm so proud that she's out there chasing her dreams. Love you!

There are many amazing moms, aunts, cousins and women that have shaped my life, and although I couldn't feature everyone here, I appreciate it all. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Vicki Valdez said...

That was so sweet of you Carolyn. I Love You.
I cant wait to meet Nancy she is a amazing Mom because her son is wonderful young man.

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This is such a sweet post!! :)

Edie said...

Sweetest post ever! It made me tear up (and that's a hard thing to do)!!

Love you little sissy <3

Ben, your "celebrity post" was very sweet too :)

Benjamin Leipzig said...

Crystal i would have more celebrity posts but carolyn is usually unwilling to pay my celebrity fee.

its pretty much like a guest appearance fee and as an A-list star, well you know....

Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there.