Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Biking Adventures in Seattle

Our training for STP (Seattle to Portland bike ride) is in full swing! We've been training mostly on the weekends - we still have to go to work and do this "research" thing. In addition to getting our bodies in shape, it's also been really awesome to see some of Seattle's pretty sights from the perspective of a cyclist. We've also had a lot of fun training with Caroline, Tyler and Wilson.

We took the Burke-Gilman trail to the Lake Sammamish trail, and took a break for lunch in Woodinville, wine country! We were hoping to go to Red Hook Brewery, but apparently it was closed for renovations. 
Distance: 38 miles.
Notes: Really beautiful, easy ride. The sun came out in April to cheer us on. Mostly flat other than getting back from the Gilman, where we conquered ~500 feet of a hill in about a mile.

I was an awesome girlfriend and got us a deal to go to the Seattle Aquarium, since neither of us have been. It was so much fun to see the GIANT OCTOPUS. It was out and about moving while we were there - it was awesome. 
Distance: 28 miles.
Notes: Neither of us had biked this way before, so it was an adventure finding our way. We probably only got lost for about a mile today, not bad! We went over the Fremont bridge and along the waterfront to downtown, it was great.

On a beautiful day in May, we decided to do a loop around Lake Washington, through Bellevue and across I-90 with Wilson.
Distance: 59 miles
Notes: The first half of the ride was easy-peasy. The second-half already, we were met by some larger-than expected hills. I walked for a few minutes just to give myself a break. We also got lost trying to get on the I-90 bridge - that was rough. But we were rewarded for our hard work with opening Boating Day, and it was a beautiful sight over the bridge.
mapmyride link

We also went to Ballard to the Locks to hang out at the park, and later go to our friend Sophia's for something... I can't remember... I also didn't use mapmyride apparently, so not much to report here. But it's beautiful and sunny in April! And we got a shot of ourselves with the bridge up.

 I figured out that the Cascade Bicycle Club has organized rides, which is so much easier than planning our own route. We also get to see some things we normally wouldn't. For example, here is the overlook of the lake on our way to Alki Beach. We caught the sailboat in our frame again.
Distance: 32 miles (short ride)
Notes: SO much fun to ride with more people. It makes hills easier, stops more fun, and overall just a better experience. We're doing two this weekend.
mapmyride link

All in all, about 350 miles since March when we started training. We should probably get a lot more in this weekend and next weekend, eeps!

6/15/2013: On Saturday I did a self-paced ride with the Cascade biking club to Snohomish/Monroe with Tyler and Ben. We got a bit lost - and ended up adding on maybe 15 more miles than we expected. The hills were KILLER, we climbed one (twice! out and back) that is roughly three times higher than anything we'll see on STP. Good training, but tough work. Snohomish was an adorable town; we apparently had the "best local" coffee in Seattle. I'm skeptical, but maybe. I also got to use my first responder training, woot. One someone else, not us. Afterwards, we took Kate and Michael out to dinner afterwards and felt so much better after some calories.
Distance: 70 miles
Google link here

6/16/2013: As a "recovery" ride, we did a steady-paced route (12-14 mph) to Carnation, starting from Marymoor park. I really like this ride - the hills are there but they're gradual, and therefore a lot easier for me. Carnation is very much a farming town, but you see the beautiful backdrop of the Cascade mountains, and we met some really cool people on the ride too.
Distance: 40 miles
Notes: We felt pretty good after this ride, and especially after this weekend. Maybe STP won't be such a killer after all.
mapmyride link

Look how big (half of) our group was!

6/22/2013: This week we did a route around Lake Sammamish, with some hills and construction, but a good 50 miles to get in the distance. We again went with the Cascade ride group, and brought Wilson along with us! woo! We also tried out our new homemade trail mix (mostly almonds and dark chocolate m&ms - yum! I get really sick of granola bars week after week). This ride felt (dare I say it?) pretty easy. The pace was 14-16 mph on flats, and Ben mentioned that he broke 30 mph, so overall a fun, productive ride.
Distance: 51 miles
mapmyride link


Vicki Valdez said...

I love all the pictures. Tell Mr Ben Hi Love you Mom

Edie said...

hahahha mom calls ben "Mr. Ben" lol

That's great you guys are exploring all of Seattle! This inspires me to go hiking and surfing in LA more!!!!

Sophia said...

I still think you guys are crazy for doing STP, but I love you guys still. hahahha ;)