Sunday, July 21, 2013

Garden Update, July 2013

I'm really excited about a few things in my garden this summer. It's the first full season that I have my raised bed, and I hope to make the most of it. As time goes on and I read more gardening blogs, I realize that I'm not as organized as I could be. But hey, it's my space for unwinding and trying out whatever hippie idea strikes my fancy.

My favorite things in the garden:

1. Cucurbits: Kabocha squash, Cinderella and pie pumpkins, yellow crookneck squash, and cucumbers, of course! Here are the babies emerging after direct sow in late June followed by their crazy growth and flowering. I really can't wait for some actual fruit to set, but I'll have to be patient.

Baby cucumber.
Baby yellow crookneck squash.
Kabocha squash on the bottom right, going out of control. 
All the flowers at the base of the Kabocha squash plant.
Some variety of pumpkin with its flower!!!!! Baby pumpkins soon, hopefully.
2. Tomatoes: of some kind that I'm not sure. Last year I collected a bunch of seeds from different heirloom tomato varieties and had some leftover cherry tomato seeds. Then I very carefully labeled the seeds and seedlings as I started them on the windowsill this spring. When I went to put them in the garden, I completely mixed them all up, so about all I can tell is that they are tomatoes. Still amazed I can grow them in Seattle - all about microclimates right? I'm also excited to try out a new "vertical trellising" where I have garden twine secure and carefully wrap my tomato plants around them as they grow up.

These seem larger then cherry tomatoes... and they're still green. So I'm going to say these are some kind of heirloom tomato. See the garden twine as my new trellising?
I love the green vein texture. We must be watering pretty well - there aren't any cracks!
3. Brussels sprouts seeds: last year I didn't get any brussels sprouts because I put the plants in too late. We moved into the apartment in mid-August, and after planting then, they didn't have enough time to get established before it got too cool. I let those plants go to seed, to try collecting the brussels sprouts seeds to get something positive out of that adventure. Unfortunately, this led to garden chaos.

Garden chaos: brussels sprouts seeds developing, tomatoes, squashes, watermelons, way too much going on.
So today I collected a bunch of brussels sprouts seeds, called it quits, and chopped out the brussels sprouts. To their old spot, I added brand new plants, hopefully more mature and ready to produce some brussels sprouts by Thanksgiving.

Lots of long island brussels sprout seeds.

Before (left) and after (right) cleaning up the brussels sprouts plants.

New baby brussels sprouts plants, already getting eaten by cabbage moth, sigh.

Three giant plants, no longer in my garden.
4. And of course, blueberries!!! Three different kinds, all of them producing tasty blueberries.

I wasn't sure i was going to get blueberries because I wasn't seeing any bees, but they must have been working after all.

 5. Least favorite things: spiders. Spiders everywhere. On my toes, building webs across plants so that when I walk through the yard they land on my face (I know that's not why they do it, but it feels like it sometimes), and of course hobo spiders that are really aggressive and I can't get rid of them.
Here's one that looks like a cave spider. He likes to hang out right next to things about I'm about to touch.

Growing anything fun this summer?


Benjamin Leipzig said...

Im looking forward to the pumpkins and squashes!


dont worry ill defend your honor and kill any spiders you might find.

Sophia said...

a) That spider is DIIIIIIIISGUSTING. ughhhhhh
b) I can't wait until you get some squashes!!

We finally got the pepper plant to flower, but I'm still not sure if we'll get any peppers. I'm hoping we do!!