Friday, July 26, 2013

Repurposing/Craiglisting Awesomeness

I love sustainable practices - repurposing, recycling, most things DIY, within reason of course. I work a full time job so I can't be as hippie as I'd like. Finding things that we need or want used is something that always makes me happy. Here are a few success stories.

       The grill
Ben has wanted a grill for quite some time. Every time we go to a big hardware store he stares longingly at grills, but when pressed says "we don't really need it". I can only take so much of this, and after a while we fell in love with a grill called the "Baby-Q" from Weber. But we'd also want a stand (so we didn't have to lean over to grill), and a cover to keep it protected in stormy Seattle - all of which seemed like too much investment for something we might use maybe once a week in the summer. We're way too practical like that.

Then comes Craiglist. I found this beauty (a full sized Weber Q) on Craiglist from a lady who was moving in with her partner and realized they don't need two grills. She was selling the grill plus the stand, cover, and propane tank adapter for $40. I emailed - and she said that I was fourth in line. I decided to take a chance and offer $45, if that would help. I had been through a few too many of these cycles; these grills are popular! And boom - we got the grill. When we picked it up she said maybe 20 people emailed her (note to craiglist sellers: that means your price was probably too low!) We've took her out for a spin a few times, and have loved having it.

New price: $200 + $25(adapter) + $90(stand) + $20(cover) + tax = ~$367
Our price: $45
Total saved: $322

       Shoe rack
We usually take our shoes off when we're in the house because we have hardwood, and apparently dirt can scratch the floors. The negative side effect of this is clumping of shoes next to the front door, which was both ugly and dysfunctional (where's my other shoe?! the bus is coming in 2 minutes AGHHH), you get the point. One problem with our downstairs is that it's a little small - so we needed a shoe rack to fit in the corner behind the door. After living with this annoyance for months, we decided we should just get a shoe rack. We liked this one. It revolves and would probably fit behind the door. I didn't really like that it looked a little thin and cheap, but it seemed to fit our need perfectly.

Then one day I ran across an estate sale that was awesome. Really, I was out for a run and saw the sign, luckily I was carrying $10 on me! Ten dollars. Also I was about a mile away - so I really couldn't go too crazy. Seemed like a good time to check some stuff out.

In addition to other things, I found an awesome magazine/shoe rack stand that is solid wood and beautiful, and small! And only $5! Look how perfectly it fits behind the door underneath the coat hanger.

See what I mean about the small space? Yes, two of the rows are my shoes.
New: $40 + tax + ugly = $44
Estate sale: $5 + muscles that I gained from carrying it back to the apartment
Total saved: $39 + style

       A tent
I'm going camping to the Olympic Peninsula this summer, so I needed a tent. We were also going to camp outside for STP - and really, all three of us would not fit inside Wilson's tent, even though he tried to convince us we could. I debated getting a lower quality, cheaper one for around $60, versus going with a higher quality REI tent for around $200.

Then I turned to Craigslist and found a Trail Dome REI tent (retail $219) for $80. It was in good condition and was the perfect deal. (Also we didn't have to drive down to REI for it either). Here's the tent (small enough for backpacking) and an adorable picture of us camping at STP.

The tent.
D'aww. Yeah, we know.
New: $219 + tax + me-no-likey-drive-dowtown = $240
Criaglist: $80
Total saved: $160 + feeling like I repurposed something awesome. Also resale value very high because of the quality, if we ever decide we hate the outdoors.

       Placemats. Four for $1 at the estate sale. Awesome condition actually, I was surprised. Savings probably $9 or so.

       Springform pan also at the estate sale (with an awesome insert. Anyone know what it's for?). I was baking a cheesecake soon and needed one (but it was in CA with the parents, whoops): $1.50

       Christmas decorations for the front door ($0.50) and a summery baking pan ($2) at the estate sale. Alright, these were kind of a splurge, but I really like hosting events and cooking, and I've been looking for a cute baking pan to serve main dishes in for a while. Also I bought ornaments from Target when they were on clearance after Christmas, but had nothing for the front door - until now!

Well, that's about all I can remember now. Find any good deals or repurposed some old items recently?


Laineybug said...

Yay! I love buying stuff used. I visit the Goodwill here frequently. =)

You are dressed very nice for camping, tee hee!

Benjamin Leipzig said...

I have loved every purchase that you made. and your such a good squirreler with your savings. :)

Sophia said...

Why does the tent look so small? Do you guys actually fit in there? haha

The grill is the best purchase ever, and I'm so glad I get to reap the benefits of it to!! nomnomnom!