Sunday, September 15, 2013

Flowers...that turn into vegetables

I haven't been wonderful at growing flowers. My (perhaps flawed) logic is this: I would much rather put a seed in the ground and then eat the resulting cucumber, pea, squash, or greens from it. I've grown a few sunflowers, and some herbs that flower to attract bees, but not many other flowers. Unfortunately this extreme practicality at times leaves the garden looking very...well, green and boring. I do solemnly swear to one day plant some flowers, but they'll probably be perennials... and when I don't have to move every 2-3 years.

In the meantime, however, I can still enjoy the beautiful flowers that come from my vegetable plants! Here are a few of the photos I remembered to take.
Snap pea flower - not overly dramatic, but pretty and white nonetheless.

Thai basil flowers. I should have snipped them off to keep the leaves flavorful, but I forgot...

Blueberries: This photo was taken a little late. Blueberry flowers are remarkably tiny, shaped like bells. It's amazing to me that bees can actually get their little faces inside the flowers. These are what the flowers used to look like:
Aren't they adorable little flowers?

Cucumber, tomato, and pumpkin plants all mixing together. Aren't the yellow flowers pretty in the sea of green?

Cucumber flower, all glam. This particular member of the cucurbit family doesn't have separate male and female flowers. Every flower has a baby cucumber at the base of the flower, which grows into a wonderful, tasty cucumber. Pretty flower and a tasty vegetable - doesn't get much better than that!

Perhaps my favorite flowers: winter squash (kabocha, pumpkin, butternut, etc.). These flowers are bright yellow and about the size of my hand. I imagine 50 bees can fit inside at once (although I hope I'm not around for that).

These look like wildflowers, but in fact are from a lettuce plant gone to seed. What might look like forgetfulness was actually an informed decision to produce a billion baby lettuce plants soon. In the meantime, I love the spiky petals.

Heirloom tomato flowers. The flowers on the cherry tomato plant are cute and tiny, but these much larger flowers (to make much larger tomatoes) are both beautiful and prolific. Hopefully the tomatoes ripen soon.

I hope that you enjoyed this pictorial foray into my garden! Many of these flowers have produced their corresponding vegetable/fruit offspring, but seeing these bright blooms certainly makes my day and I thought it would be pretty to share them with you.


Benjamin Leipzig said...

My favorite is the cucumber flowers and they were so tasty!!!!! NOM NOM NOM much better than the store cucumbers. :)

Sophia said...

I've never seen blueberry flowers before; they're beautiful! Thai basil flowers are one of my favorites.

Edie said...

Very pretty, I haven't seen any of those flowers before so I learned something today!