Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Make your own granola

No, seriously. It's easy and delicious. If you think all of my other harebrained ideas are crazy, way too hippie, or too difficult for you, this is definitely not. My friend Johanna first told me that I should try making homemade granola, and after some googling I found a recipe I liked. The basic way to do it: mix oats, nuts, whatever spices, and a coating. Stir it up. Put it on a flat pan in the oven on low (300-325 F), stir it (or maybe don't), and then eat it. Add dried fruit if you want. The recipe I really like involves brown sugar, honey or maple syrup, and olive oil as the "coating".

Get all of your stuff together: This time I used hazelnuts, cinnamon, cardamom, and dried currants (added at the end).

Mix the dry stuff.

Add the olive oil/honey mixture and stir to coat. Stir it up real good, as I like to say.

Admire the delicious mixture of whole-grains and protein/fat bit globules of nuts.

Spread on some flat pans. They might stick, but it's coated in olive oil, so usually not too bad.

After roasting - look at that beautiful brown color.

Om noms.

Another angle of the delicious roasted-ness.
So now, try it if you want. It's not scary, it's delicious. And the probability of others in your house exclaiming "That smells wonderful! Can I have some?" is extremely high. Also it's much healthier and cheaper than store-bought versions, and you can customize to your taste. I was recently at a bakery and saw one pound of very similar granola going for $16! Seriously!? Each batch (lasts me about a month) costs between $5-$10, depending on what nuts or sugar I use.


Sophia said...

nomnomnom!! I have some macadamia nuts. Do you want them???

Joe Meredith said...

Agree 100% - homemade granola rocks! I've been making it with this recipe:
We like to have big clusters, so I usually stir it only a little bit and then let it cool for a while before messing with it. Yum!

Carolyn Valdez said...

Thanks for the comment Joe! I'll have to try that recipe sometime - Jill also recommended the apple sauce/rice syrup combination to reduce the sugar, so I'm excited to see how it tastes.

Johanna said...

Yay granola! I use a combination of apple sauce, oil, honey and maple syrup for the liquids and in addition to nuts and oats I add pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Edie said...

I am currently enjoying the pumpkin/cardamom one you made me! Most delicious granola I've ever tasted :)