Saturday, November 9, 2013


On Facebook many of my friends are posting "what I'm thankful for this month", and I don't want to force you all to read my thoughts, so I'll do it here where you come in voluntarily, ha. I'm stressed out about my general exam and so this is just a quick update.

       I am thankful for all of my friends and family.

       I am thankful for the three pumpkins that grew in my garden this year.

       I am thankful for the 70 Mason jars I bought on Craiglist for canning and wedding crafts.

       I am thankful for leftover halloween costumes from my undergrad years so I can quickly put something together. Working pirate?

       I'm thankful that the Red Sox won the world series (I guess?), because then Ben was really happy.

       I am thankful for pumpkin cider. So thankful for pumpkin cider...

       I am thankful that I get to play volleyball this year and for everyone that comes out to play.

       Finally, I am thankful for baby kale plants. I hope they grow up and become very tasty. I have Leafy Jack kale and Red Russian kale growing - so excited.

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