Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Alright folks, I'm very much behind on blog posts. Looking back through the pictures is a wonderful stroll through memory lane, and I thought I'd share these special moments.

First of all, future-hubbs decided to take up bread-making as a hobby. UH - WIN. His first attempt at croissants was definitely a huge success, and was a hit at the brunch party we took them to. I was amused that he felt like he had to "baby" the dough so much with cycles of chilling, rolling, and turning. I didn't mind him babying them. He could baby bread all day if it turns out this delicious.

Don't you just love that wonderful Maillard color? I could actually eat these all day. It's best for both of us if that doesn't happen. The next sweet treat that happened over this holiday season were sea salt caramels. My mom loves caramels, and I always wanted to make them. I also like having some kind of baked good to come with me over holidays. What's Christmas with Carolyn without some cookies or treats? Hrm, I really am very grandmother-ly. In a fashionable way of course. Making the caramels was fairly simple, but rolling them up in parchment paper was a giant pain in the tushie.

And of course, Christmas cookies. I've perfected my chocolate chip cookie recipe, fairly close to the most popular recipe on allrecipes. 1/2 white sugar, 1/2 brown sugar. Cream butter and sugar together first, chill before placing on cookie sheets, the usual baking tips.

Last and my favorite, orange cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. This was a pretty spectacular team effort - my sister and I made the dough and zested the oranges. I think future-hubbs made the glaze. We filled together, and future-hubbs cut them into beautiful chunks. They were half white flour and half whole wheat. Oh boy, was it worth it. I'm pretty sure I ate four of them that day.

Anything fun going on in your kitchen?


Sophia said...

Those croissants were deeeelish. Great job, Ben!! The caramels were delicious and (I concede) much easier than I thought. Thanks for the great wedding favor idea!! haha

Benjamin Leipzig said...

I wish i was as talented as your future hubbs is :)