Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bavarian Birthday

The in-laws gifted us with a two-night stay in Leavenworth, Washington, the Bavarian city located just a few hours east of Seattle. We decided to take the trip for future-hubb's birthday a couple of weeks ago. Here are the highlights and snapshots from the trip. If you haven't been, it's a pretty spectacular place. It's sort of like going to Germany, without having to sit on a plane for 10 + hours.

The drive began with a light rain, and continually got more interesting as we drove through the pass. There are two primary routes - over Stevens Pass on "the 2" (apparently the "the __" is a California thing, but I like the simple phrasing) or through Snoqualmie Pass on "the 90". Luckily we chose the latter, as it's much milder drive on a fair-weather day. And the only open route on a less-than-stellar weather day. The 2 was closed about two hours after we left, so thank goodness for our planning. After driving through the snow up to the pass, traffic on the 90 was reduced to going about 20 miles/hour in heavy snow. It took us nearly 5 hours to get there, leaving around lunchtime.
 But as we were driving we saw some pretty sights. Can you see the icicles along the cliff below?
 When we finally made it to Leavenworth, the sun was just beginning to set. (I say that, although I'm not actually sure because the sky was grey, of course). Our hotel was a very welcome sight after the snowy drive. I have to thank Future-Hubbs for driving through that, because I'm not very experienced at driving in those conditions.
 Although Trader Joes did help us to snack in the car ride, we were hungry and went in search of authentic Bavarian food. We decided on Andreas Keller, a cute little restaurant that was only a few minutes away from our hotel on foot. Actually, everything is practically a few minutes away on foot in Leavenworth, it was so easy to get around there, I really enjoyed this part of the mini-vacation. There was no parking or public transit or driving on freeways, once we were there at least. The poor car sat in the same place the whole time, and built up about a foot of snow before we left. About the food - we shared a Schnitzel plate, complete with homemade german pasta with cheese sauce (um, yes) and a giant pretzel. I mean, GIANT. It was so much bread, and delicious covered with good quality mustard.
He looks intimidated by the size of that pretzel.
 At night the town was lit up with lights and traditional music. It's possible that I skipped on most of the sidewalks to the music (in lieu of dancing). Here's the view out of our fireplace-room.

We greeted the morning with mimosas and waffles, and set off to do some shopping and exploring. It turns out we're terrible consumers - we didn't want to buy anything (do we need this? no.) But we did eat lots of good Bavarian food.

 And we found a bear sitting on a bench. Since birthday boy's nickname is "boo bear", you can thank my sister for that one, we knew we had to capture their moment becoming friends.
 After we were done "shopping" for the day, we went on a snow-walk through the Waterfront Park and around Blackbird Island. It was good to exert ourselves a little after so much food, and then it leaves us hungry for more food at dinner time right?


Edie said...

Fun! How was the beer?!?! That was my favorite thing when I was in Germany

Sophia said...

It looks so snowy and fun! I'm glad Boo Bear got to relax!!